The 2018 Legislative Session begins in January of 2018. The Washington Fire Chiefs Legislative Committee has polled our members to establish our “Top 5 Goals” for the 2018 session, which were presented for adoption at our WFC Board Meeting in September based on membership feedback. In addition, you will see bills we are following for 2018 begin to be added to the bill tracker as the session starts. The following has been established as our 2018 direction:

  • Sustainable funding for Fire, Rescue and EMS 
  • Fire Training Academy
  • 1% levy limit restructure
  • GEMT Implementation
  • EMS cap raised to .75/1000AV
  • Change funding to outside $10.00 limit
  • JATC program

  • Wildland Fire Policy Issues
    • Pre-positioning
    • Fast Aerial Attacks
    • Pre-Fire Mitigation 

  • Incentivize Regionalization
    • Identify and Remove Barriers
    • Identify statewide all-hazard response advantages 
    • Funding advantages     

  • Volunteer FF Recruitment and Retention 
    • Consider additional incentives
    • Bolster WFC program
    • Regional coordinator grant 

  • Hazardous Materials Planning and ResponseUpdate State CBRNE plan
    • Oil by Rail Safety
    • Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety


Posted: Feb 5, 2015
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Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with SB 5840 and HB 2007.  These legislative bills will provide the enabling legislation needed to create a State Plan Amendment "SPA" which will allow Washington's public ambulance providers to participate in the Ground Emergency Medical Transportation (GEMT) supplemental reimbursement program, through the federal government...

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Posted: Jan 26, 2015
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Legislative Session Update

The 2015 Legislature convened on Monday, January 12 for the 105-day session.   A flurry of early action on fire-related bills has kept us all busy.  Nearly 60 bills are already on the tracking list as of this writing, with plenty more expected in the coming weeks. For a complete list of fire service bills, position papers and other information see:WFC Legislative Site. To view testimony live or recorded earlier go to TVW and search by bill number or committee that is hearing the bill...

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