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Posted: Aug 17, 2017

Firefighters Seek To Block Industry Tool Said To Ease RMP Compliance

Washington state firefighters are urging Democratic senators to halt development of a novel dispersion modeling approach for assessing risks from toxic gas releases, arguing the federal agency and industry collaboration underestimates risks to the public in filings with EPA and other agencies, though an industry group says the method is based on sound science and may still be revised.

In an Aug. 2 letter to Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-WA) and other senators, Washington Fire Chiefs Executive Director Wayne Senter argues that chemical and railroad industries are pushing the new assessment approach -- developed in conjunction with the Departments of Homeland Security (DHS) and Defense (DOD) -- that downplays risks from potential disasters by dramatically reducing the distance toxic gases are projected to travel.

“The industry-initiated but federal agency-enabled and Congressionally-funded effort . . . has all along explicitly aimed at significantly modifying in a risk-minimizing direction the downwind toxic cloud estimates in all of the major national emergency response guidance documents, including . . . chemical facility submissions to the US EPA's Risk Management Program,” Senter writes....

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Posted: Aug 17, 2017

All evacuations downgraded to level 1 in Monument Hill fire near Quincy

One home has been lost along with several other outbuilding in the Monument Hill Fire. The good news is that all evacuations have been downgraded to level 1. The Grant County Sheriff's office reports the Monument Hill Fire burning near Quincy is 500 acres and growing as of Wednesday night. The Sheriff's Office says state mobilization has been approved for the fire, which means firefighting resources from across the state of Washington can be assigned to help fight the fire.
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Posted: Aug 17, 2017

CVFD Puts New 107-Foot Ladder Truck into Service | Shelby County Reporter

NORTH SHELBY - A new ladder truck acquired by the Cahaba Valley Fire Department is the first of its kind in Alabama and will allow firefighters more flexibility as they respond to structure fires. The $935,000 apparatus, named Quint 181, was delivered to Station 183 in Mt Laurel on Friday, Aug.

The $935,000 apparatus, named Quint 181, was delivered to Station 183 in Mt Laurel on Friday, Aug. 11, but will be housed at Station 181 off U.S. 280 across from Lee Branch.

CVFD Lt. Stephen Gaither said fire engines are typically replaced every 10 years and aerial units every 20 years. The unit replaced by the new ladder truck turns 21 years old this year.

The old unit will remain with the department and could be used as a reserve or at a station where it would see less use, Gaither said.

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Posted: Aug 17, 2017

Orlando Fire Department Says Drones Will Aid Bomb Squad

The Orlando Fire Department this week took a step toward equipping its firefighters with drones that they say will improve the speed and safety of their responses. The Fire Department spent Tuesday and Wednesday in training with the Federal Aviation Authority on how to safely and efficiently use the drones.

Seven members of the Fire Department’s arson and bomb squad received their certification to fly the unmanned aircraft, Fire Department spokeswoman Ashley Papagni said.

Capt. Trenton Campbell said the technology will help members of his team responding to reports of suspicious packages make faster assessments of what firefighters are up against. He said it would take “literally minutes” from the time firefighters arrive to when a drone could capture images of a device and the surrounding area.

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Posted: Aug 17, 2017

Inferno Devastates Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue Station

A blaze devoured a fire engine and water pumper tender at Nehalem Bay Fire and Rescue (NBFR) Station 11 pre-dawn Sunday. Nearby farmers, witnessing flames coming out of what appeared to be a house or a barn just next door called in the fire at approximately 2:30 a.m.
The cause of the blaze has been determined to be an electrical fire originating in the fire engine that was sitting outside the structure at the time. The affected engine was a Type-1 1,000-gallon engine as well as the 3,000-gallon water pump tender.

No one was in the station at the time of the fire, and no injuries were reported with the incident, but damage to the property was severe. 
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