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Posted: Nov 13, 2018

New Truck For Rome Fire Department

The new custom made truck is a 4-Guys pumper built on a Spartan chassis and cost about $554,000, which was part of last year’s city Capital Improvement budget, according to Fire Chief Ronald M. Brement. The new pumper will be housed at the Central Fire Station on Black River Boulevard.

The new apparatus carries 1,000 gallons of water and can pump up to 1,500 gallons of water per minute.

Fire officials said it will take about a month to train the city’s firefighters on the new rig and add all the final bells and whistles to make it service ready.

The new engine is nearly identical to the previous Engine-3 the department bought in 2015. That 2015 truck will now be bumped up to Engine-2, and the previous Engine-2 will now be bumped up to Engine-1.

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Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Danville (VA) Fire Department Gets New, More Capable Ladder Truck

The current ladder truck has a 75-foot ladder. The new ladder truck has a 107-foot ladder.

Each floor in a commercial building is typically 10 feet tall, which means the new ladder truck will allow the fire department to reach about three floors higher than it can with the current ladder truck.

"With the city building the River District up and with all the loft apartments, this is going to be a vital piece of equipment if we ever have a fire there," Jefferson said.

Danville Firefighter Tony Mills has been with the department for 14 years and is looking forward to training on the new truck.

"This is the first truck we've had with the rear steer, so that's going to be different; getting the feel of how that handles," Mills said. "It's excellent to have a fire department that sees what you need and then goes out there and tries to get you the tools to get the job done."

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Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Jerome City Fire debuts new truck, "first of it's kind" in Magic Valley

Lt. Lane Sickles, with Jerome City Fire, said the new truck is called a mini-pumper.

"There’s not a lot of difference, obvious the size and the weight rating is different, but this truck pumps the same amount of water as our larger engines. It just wont carry as much equipment as the old, would be the main drawback," he said.

Sickles said the cost of the mini-pumper is half the amount of a regular engine.

Another perk the fire department said was that it will be able to fit at their fire station one, located at city hall, as that station is a little smaller.

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Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Central Pierce Fire to get rescue rig, retire beer truck | The News Tribune

The vehicle is used as a makeshift rescue rig, carrying equipment for the fire department’s most technical emergency calls, including rescues involving structural collapse, trenches and confined spaces.

For almost 20 years, it’s done its job — mostly. Now it’s time for the 1981 International Harvester to make way for a brand new rescue rig, saving the department — and taxpayers — thousands of dollars in maintenance costs.

“The new rig will be safer for us getting down the road (and be) easier to maintain,” Lt. Josh Farris said.

Firefighters say the beer truck is outdated and costly. When it breaks down, it can spend weeks in the maintenance shop, costing the department thousands.

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Posted: Nov 13, 2018

Rescues, not firefight, prove emotional for firefighters in California

Casey Peck had never prayed so hard. His fire engine was trapped with dozens of cars and panicked people as an inferno roared through the Sierra Nevada foothills town of Paradise on Thursday, hot enough to peel the firetruck’s paint and melt its hoses, blowing relief valves designed to withstand 900 degrees and immolating nearby vehicles.
- PUB DATE: 11/13/2018 12:00:00 AM - SOURCE: Associated Press
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