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Posted: Mar 10, 2016

SBFD Discusses New Fire Station's Possible Location with Community

At nearly 90 years old, South Bend's Fire Station No. 9 can pose some problems for modern fire equipment. "One of the problems we have space wise is that we don't have space to put an ambulance on the east side of the city," said South Bend Fire Chief Steve Cox.

"One of the problems we have space wise is that we don't have space to put an ambulance on the east side of the city," said South Bend Fire Chief Steve Cox.

Officials say building a new fire station a few blocks away would solve that problem and cut response times for ambulances in half in some areas.

There's just one problem with the possible new location they're looking at: it's a park.

"A number of members have expressed concern over the loss of green space, the nearness of the fire station to the zoo and the swimming pool," said Bill Dunn, with the River Park Neighborhood Association.

"I was concerned about the noise," said Sharon Jojo, who has lived in the neighborhood for years. "I like to go to the park and listen to the music, a lot of the concerts out there. I want to hear the music, I don't want to hear sirens."

South Bend Fire Department officials say a new station would not impact the playground, the poor or even some of the trees in the area.

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Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Ficosa Transforms Police Cars into Real Mobile Police Stations

BARCELONA—Ficosa, a global company dedicated to creating solutions of vision, safety, efficiency, and high-tech connectivity for the industry, has developed the “Connected Police Car,” a vehicle equipped with the most advanced technology that converts patrol cars into real mobile police stations. This project, carried out in collaboration with Telefónica, has been presented at SICUR 2016 (International Security, Safety and Fire Exhibition).

Ficosa CEO, Xavier Pujol emphasizes: "It has been a real honor for us to lead this project, pioneer at an international level, in which we have been working for more than three years." He adds: "The Connected Police Car is an important step in enabling policemen to carry out different procedures without having to be at the police station, as well as offering them new tools to facilitate their work with the aim of improving the citizen security".

Ficosa has incorporated multiple solutions endowed with the latest technology. Specifically, the center console of the car has been equipped with a laptop with a 10-inch touchscreen. In addition, the 3G and 4G Telefónica connection allows the device to send and receive, in real time, images and videos, from the car to the police station, and vice versa.

With an automatic license plate reader (ALPR), agents can detect whether vehicles around have been stolen or are on the lists of suspects. This solution digitizes and encodes the plate images, contrasting simultaneously with police databases to verify them.

This intelligent vehicle also integrates three video surveillance cameras located at the front, in the interior and at the rear of the car. These cameras are able to record any activity that happens on its viewing angle and allow agents to generate an alert if an abnormal situation is detected, facilitating the future searching of the recorded video. Furthermore, Ficosa has included an integrated antennas system with fractal technology that enhances connectivity in the vehicle.

The Connected Police Car project, which is in its pilot phase, has already seven cars currently circulating in the provinces of Madrid, Zaragoza, and Valencia. After this trial period, it is expected to be implemented in 150 to 200 patrol cars throughout Spain.

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Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Caledonia (WI) to Purchase New Fire Apparatus

The village Fire Department is planning to significantly upgrade its fleet as the Village Board on Monday decided to spend more than a half a million dollars to buy a new fire engine. The board voted 6-0 to spend $550,000 to purchase a new pumper.
The village Finance Committee reviewed four bids for the equipment and recommended that the village buy the engine from E-ONE, based in Ocala, Fla., said Village Trustee Lee Wishau.

The new engine will replace a 1991 multipurpose truck housed at Fire Station 12 on Douglas Avenue. That truck will be sold, Wishau said. A 2001 pumper will move from Fire Station 11 on Nicholson Road to Fire Station 12 to replace the 1991 truck.

The new engine, once delivered, will be assigned to Fire Station 11, said Village Administrator Tom Christensen.

The village has agreed to pay E-ONE $500,000 right away, which saves $14,000 on the purchase price, Wishau said. The $50,000 balance will be paid when the engine is delivered.

Besides being an pumper, the new engine will be the village's main extrication vehicle, Christensen said.

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Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Bear Creek VFD (OH) Gets New Brush Truck

Bear Creek VFD has added a new brush truck to its fleet. The vehicle provided by a grant from the Texas A&M Forest Service.
Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department recently added a small brush truck to its fleet thanks to a $100,000 grant from Texas A&M Forest Service. The grant helped to provide a 2016 Ford F550 brush truck with a 500-gallon water tank and a foam system.

"This new addition gives us the ability to respond to multiple calls at the same time,” said Bear Creek Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Bryan Matthews. “The majority of our district is forest with more than 50 percent of our calls being in the wooded areas, including the Sam Houston National Forest.”

The department will use the new vehicle as a multipurpose truck, incorporating the Jaws of Life for use on vehicle accidents occurring in the area.

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Posted: Mar 10, 2016

Willmar (MN) Fire Apparatus Rescues Worker on Roof

Mike McDowell, 40, of Kandiyohi was installing a roof vent on a garage roof on Friday in the back lot at Nelson International on East Highway 12, Willmar, when a wet snow began to fall. 
"I waited until someone came out of the [main] building and called for them to get some help," he related later when back on the ground. 

A fork lift was positioned below the eves and the WFD was called. 

The ladder truck was sent out about 10:45 a.m. and the rescue appeared pretty routine. 

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