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Posted: Dec 15, 2017

L.A. Fire Department used drones for the first time during Skirball fire

Firefighters used two DJI Matrice 100 drones during the Skirball fire, Scott said. One had a high-definition camera used to survey the burn area, and the other had an infrared camera to assess hot spots.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2017

Winston-Salem Fire Department Reveals New Station On Reynolda Road

The spacious new fire station boasts 80-foot bays for the fire engines, a medical treatment room, a laundry room, training areas, a kitchen, office spaces and five dorm rooms to accommodate mixed-gender crews.

Blackburn, 88, a third-generation firefighter, began working at the original firehouse in 1959 when police and fire were still one department, he said. Years later, Blackburn came back to work there as a captain in the 1980s.

He said the changing neighborhood in the years he was there necessitated a new updated fire station that was more workable.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2017

Chief Touts New Fire Station No. 9

The new structure will be two stories tall and have three bays for fire engines and ambulances. Cox said the new building will allow the department to adequately hold modern trucks and ambulances, a feat that cannot now be done in the 1926 station.

The bigger bays mean the department will be able to locate an ambulance at the new station.

The new structure will have living quarters that will accommodate male and female firefighters. No women served as firefighters when the River Park station was built, and the department has currently has several women firefighters. The building will include a fitness room.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2017

Ready to respond: Haihai Fire Station completed, dedicated

Inside, the building has 16 beds — 10 in the firefighters’ dormitory and six in officers’ quarters. In addition, Hawaii Fire Department Battalion Chief Matthias Kusch highlighted gender-segregated bathrooms and locker rooms and a commercial-size kitchen.

“It’s unbelievable how much food 10 firefighters go through every day,” Kusch said.

Jones said the sizable kitchen might seem “excessive” for day-to-day use, but added that, in the event of a disaster, the kitchen will be able to serve community members seeking shelter.

Jones said the new building is highly reinforced using Metal Stud Crete, concrete panels built around steel frames. While Jones said such panels are usually used as exterior cladding, the Haihai station uses the panels to support the building’s structural steel frame, creating an exceptionally stable building.

“This place will still be around in 100 years, guarantee,” Jones said.

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Posted: Dec 15, 2017

Chelan County Fire District 1 chief announces retirement, names successor

Chelan County Fire District 1 will have a new fire chief come July, 2018. Chelan County Fire District 1 Chief Mike Burnett has announced his retirement and named his successor as current Douglas County Fire District 2 assistant chief and Fire Marshal Brian Brett. Chief Burnett has had two-five year contracts with the district; his current one ending in February of 2019.
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