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Posted: May 25, 2017

Patient Dies After Ambulance Hits Tree in Duanesburg (NY)

The patient killed when the ambulance he was riding in veered off the road has been identified.

Chris Aerneke, 64, has been in and out of Albany Med over the past five years for an illness. He was being taken to his home in Sloansville on Wednesday after a week of treatment when the ambulance ride turned tragic.

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Posted: May 25, 2017

New Miniota (Canada) Fire Apparatus Put to the Test

When lightning struck a steel building on Decker Hutterite Colony Farm, Monday morning, May 8, Miniota Fire department was on first alert. It was a non-injury incident, said Miniota Fire Chief Nick Young, but it put their brand new fire truck to the test. Young immediately requested help from three other adjacent fire departments.

Miniota's brand new pumper truck was part of the four-department fire fight Monday morning, and it was its first fire call for the vehicle, delivered at the end of March.

"The technology is amazing compared to the 1983 model we had before," explained Young. "The pump is a lot bigger on it. The foam capability to put with the water is computerized. It makes it very easy to apply foam (fire retardant)."

The new crew cab can also transport more firefighters to the scene.

Miniota also took its older pumper, and a mini pumper, bringing 2,500 gallons of water in total. Water was also pumped from the nearby Arrow River which flows past the end of the colony's lane. It fed four pump trucks at the scene.

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Posted: May 25, 2017

Citizens Applaud Northport (AL) Fire Station, Also Housing a Tornado Shelter

A small community in Tuscaloosa County now has a facility where residents can be safe during severe weather. The Carroll's Creek Fire Department has a brand new fire station and a large community storm shelter.
The new fire station opened up recently, and Fire Chief Tom Clarke says giving local residents a place where they can go when a tornado is a threat is good for the community.

"Well this will save lots of lives, and if they pay attention to the weather alerts and come here it will," Clarke said. "We are going to open it up anytime we have bad weather and welcome anybody inside who wants to get in there."

The new tornado storm shelter is located in the basement of the fire station on Lary Lake Road in Northport. It can house up to 299 people during severe weather. Chief Clarke says the facility was built with 14 inches of reinforced cement strong enough to withstand 250 mph wind speeds.

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Posted: May 25, 2017

Chalk Bluf VFD (TX) Fire Apparatus Could Be Repossessed

The Chalk Bluff Volunteer Fire Department was scrambling Wednesday to come up with a plan to save one of its trucks. The department has defaulted on a rural loan through the United States Department of Agriculture that was used to buy the pumper, Fire Chief Mike Meadors said.
Meadors said the department took out the loan for a pumper truck in 2004, but has not made a payment since 2011.

Officials need $73,000 to become current on the loan or the truck could be repossessed.

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Posted: May 25, 2017

New Waco (KY) Fire Apparatus Quickly Put to Work

Nearly 11 years after an embezzlement case forced it to file bankruptcy, the Waco Volunteer Fire Department accepted delivery last Thursday of a new, custom-built fire engine. Following a tradition dating back to horse-drawn, steam-powered engines, volunteers pushed the engine back into the fire station bay with their own strength.
The $290,000 truck was purchased with a $174,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency and a $116,000 loan from People’s Bank of Madison County. The department had finally paid off the loan on its modern fire station, valued at $200,000, and the bank used it as collateral, Waco VFD Assistant Chief Jason Rawlins said.

The volunteers respond to nearly 150 structure fires annually, Rawlins said. But since it also began responding to automobile fires 18 months ago, the number of calls in a year has risen to about 200, Rawlins said.

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