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Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Car ends up in Green River after driver loses control

A driver who lost control of his car ended up in the Green River in Kent early Wednesday. Puget Sound Fire and Kent police were called to South 259th Street and Third Avenue South at about 12:30 a.m. after a witness reported seeing a small green car drive off the road and fall into the river, which is about 20 feet below road level.
- PUB DATE: 1/17/2018 5:36:21 AM - SOURCE: KIRO-TV CBS 7
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Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Washington Fire Chiefs Legislative Report - January 4, 2018

Prepared by: J. Dylan Doty, WFC Lobbyist

Session Preview

The 2018 Legislature will convene on January 8 and is set to run for 60 consecutive days.  With slim margins in both the House and Senate (one-vote Democratic majority in the Senate; two-vote Democratic majority in the House), and this being a short session leading into what promises to be a hotly contested 2018 election cycle, most are optimistic that the session will end on time in early March. 

Key topics that may be in play in 2018 include the Hirst water issue and the Capital Budget, both of which are holdovers from 2017.  Additionally, the McCleary education funding issue will again be in play in 2018 with the state Supreme Court ruling that the Legislature has not yet fully complied with the original McCleary funding order.  Despite the Court’s seeming acceptance of the overall plan passed by the Legislature in 2017, the phase-in period for parts of the plan that don’t fully take effect until 2019 are in violation of the 2018 deadline set by the Court.  Accordingly, the Court has ordered the Legislature to come up with what amounts to approximately $1 billion in 2018 to more quickly implement the restructuring.  The court will also maintain oversight of the case and the $100,000-per-day fines the justices imposed in 2015.  The Court is requiring the state to report back to the court in April 2018, after next year’s legislative session is expected to end.  Whether this will lead to new revenue options or simply a reshuffling of this past year’s work remains to be seen.  The latest revenue forecast shows that state revenues have increased by nearly $319 million for the current two-year state budget, and that the state is projected to have nearly $2.8 billion in reserves by the end of the biennium.  It is possible that some of this money could be used to speed up the process on McCleary compliance.  It is also possible that new funding sources, potentially including a carbon tax, could be sought to supplement the state revenue.

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Posted: Jan 17, 2018

Update: Yakima City Council approves funding to hire more firefighters

The Yakima Fire Department has been granted funding that will help hire three additional firefighters to the team. Yakima Fire Cheif Bob Stewart sent in the request to city council due the department being short staffed. "Currently I believe we slightly below average in the number of firefighters that we have," said Stewart.
- PUB DATE: 1/16/2018 9:22:27 PM - SOURCE: KIMA-TV CBS 29 Yakima
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25 Jan 2018 WFCA/WFC Legislative Day 2018 1/25/2018

January 25, 2018 
Washington Legislative Building
Columbia Room

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24 Feb 2018 2018 Washington Fire Symposium 2/24/2018 - 2/28/2018

Washington Fire Symposium

FEBRUARY 24-28, 2018


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26 Feb 2018 2018 Washington Fire Symposium - VENDOR SHOW 2/26/2018

This event provides an opportunity for our Fire Service Vendors to meet with many of the professionals in Washington who use, recommend and purchase products and services.

Monday, February 26
Yakima Convention Center


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22 Mar 2018 Spring Leadership Seminar - March 22-23 3/22/2018 - 3/23/2018
Sharpen your pencils and get ready to attend this upcoming event.  This seminar is full of timely and vital topics for your professional development.

DATE: March 22-23, 2018
LOCATION: Yakima Valley Museum


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7 May 2018 2018 Washington Administrative Support Annual Conference 5/7/2018 - 5/8/2018

MAY 7-8, 2018


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